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My name is Joanna Varró. I am a graphic designer specialising
in your company logo design, branding, website and more.

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Other things I love doing

Branding & Websites

Besides company logo design, I enjoy taking on company branding projects including websites and stationery.

This can include business cards, letterheads, envelopes, educational and marketing materials, and other custom design projects.

Paper Crafts

I am crazy about the paper. I love its texture, feel and weight. I pick every detail of it for a specific design.

I enjoy making: occasional cards, prints, wedding invitations & stationery: programs, guides, table numbers, seating plans.

Books & Magazines

Every book or a magazine fulfils my thirst for wisdom or an escape to a different place.

I enjoy designing books and magazines from simple layout and typesetting to creating detailed infographics and diagrams.

Educational Materials

Education is one of the most important parts of a child’s life. I am always happy when I can be involved in making it happen.

I love designing educational materials like: books, lessons, diagrams, infographics, illustrations, applications and design workshops.

Favourite thoughts

Latest work

Little shop

Little view into my world

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