I build brands with confidence


My mission is to build meaningful brands for creative and modern businesses. To do that, I combine branding and illustration to help you connect with your audience, stand out, and drive more engagement.


I specialize in the mental health and education industry because I believe that it should be more accessible to those who need it most. I want to make that change with you.


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Branding Strategy and Illustration

Where we begin


Brand Strategy Workshop


My branding process always starts with a workshop to precisely design the brand positioning strategy that will act as the backbone of your business. Together, we’ll bridge the gap between your business goals and your target audience’s actual needs. We’ll find your brand’s voice and personality. The branding workshop lasts a full day at the end of which we will turn abstract ideas into an action plan. You’ll receive detailed documentation with strategies for growth along with a summary and a Brand Stylescape.


We’ll then move to


Identity Design & Illustration

Based on your goals and the marketing action plan we agree on, I design your brand’s unique identity and illustration system. Well crafted logo and illustrations will save your cost on designing different elements for your website, advertising, social media, and packaging.


This set usually includes spot illustrations for your website headers and icons that will help you to stand out. You will be able to use the same elements for your social media, packaging, and merchandise. Your brand will be consistent across all the media as well as connecting to your audience on an emotional level.


Illustration System

Brands I’ve worked with



4 step process to launching a brand

At whichever step you will join me, I will make it simple for you, so that you can save your time for helping more people.

  • Schedule Free Session

    A free consultation where we will discuss your goals and needs. In the end, I will propose a custom plan for your brand.

  • Branding Strategy

    Half to a full-day workshop which ends with brand personality strategy and a confident action plan.

  • Design & Content Production

    Based on the marketing action plan and your needs we deliver all the assets from identity design to advertising and website.

  • Coaching & Business Mentoring

    If you need more guidance on how to set-up your social media accounts, appointment booking system, or anything else that helps you grow, I am here to help.

Is your brand a lover or a caregiver?

Download this free PDF book with 12 brand archetypes simplified. All characters are illustrated and have one practical example.


Brand archetypes are a very powerful tool, that helps your audience to “feel” your brand right away.


✅ It can help you to connect with your audience
✅ You will gain clarity on your brand personality
✅ It will help you to align the team on brand communication

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