Strategic Brand Identity Designer for Mental Health Organizations


Hi, my name is Joanna and I build brands in the mental health industry. My mission is to give mental health professionals clarity on their branding and the right tools to reach more patients because everyone deserves to be happy.


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Branding Strategy and Illustration

Brand Strategy


My branding process always starts with a brand strategy workshop to precisely design the positioning that will act as the backbone of your business. It will help you to focus on the expertise that you love and that helps most patients heal. Together, we’ll bridge the gap between your business goals and your target audience’s actual needs. We’ll find your brand’s voice and personality that connect to your audience on an emotional level. The workshop lasts a full day at the end of which we will turn abstract ideas into a marketing action plan.


Brand Identity Design


Based on your goals and the marketing action plan we agree on, I design your brand’s unique identity system from A to Z. I love crafting and coordinating every part of the identity system that can include packaging, website design, content development, and the secret ingredient – illustration system. Together, we will make sure that all creative materials are accessible for patients with mental health issues. We will build a toolkit that is easy for you to use and spread awareness about mental health while building your brand.


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Branding Strategy


Business Mentoring

Is your brand a lover or a caregiver?

Download this free PDF book with 12 brand archetypes simplified. All characters are illustrated and have one practical example. Brand archetypes are a very powerful tool, that helps your audience to “feel” your brand right away.


✅ It can help you to connect with your audience
✅ You will gain clarity on your brand personality
✅ It will help you to align the team on brand communication

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