4 Essential Things to Start a Website

4 Essential Things to Start a Website

What do you need to start a website?

There are 4 essential things to start a website that I always ask my clients for: the logo, company name, text and the website hosting.  Can I start without it? Sure, I can but it will make the website building much slower = more expensive for you. Here is why.



Logo for Handmade Wedding.

The most important part is the logo. We will need a good logo because it is your brand image. It is the first thing that your clients will look at and it is the first thing from which any design starts whether it is a brochure or a website design.

If you have to save money on something, do not cut the logo cost. I would instead recommend having less fancy stuff on your site and start from a good logo. Website can be improved in time while logo should be the same, consistent and memorable from the beginning.

If you would design the website first, then you would have to redesign it again once the logo is done to match the typography style, shapes and colours. You can read more, why the logo is so important here.

Need a good logo design? Start now by filling this form.

Company Name

The company name is essential in order to buy a domain name for your website (website address) so without it, we would not be able to start. If you need help finding the name please let me know, I am happy to throw in some ideas.


Text for the website


We could always use some dummy text for your website to start with and clients usually prefer it this way to visualise the page and decide what would fit there. But I will need something to understand how the layout will look as well. Usually, this takes a lot of time and it means that once I have the text I will probably have to redo the layout anyway. Every paragraph and image that will change, will influence the layout. That is why it is so important to have it as soon as possible.

Hosting Plan

This is the last and least important thing that I am happy to help you with. After you buy your domain name (a website address) the website also have to “live” somewhere. That space for your website is usually paid on a monthly or yearly basis and it is called a hosting plan.

Why do I ask my clients to take care of it? Hosting plan is something you will have to connect your credit card to for the payment. You will also want to have an easy access to it for kind of forever to keep your website live. If you are in a different country it might be also beneficial for you to choose a local plan that might be cheaper. There might be also a time when a local support could help you a lot when for example your website is down.

I am more than happy to take care of that for you as well but I usually just help my clients do it on their own.

Does it all make sense to you? Would you add anything else? Let me know!

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