5 Reasons to Use Illustration for Your Blog Articles

5 Reasons to Use Illustration for Your Blog Articles

5 Reasons to Use Illustration for Your Blog Articles

Using images in blog posts can have many benefits. When you want to show something very specific, photography is always a good choice. It can represent a person that you identify your audience with. You can find many great, free images on Unsplash.

When you would like a bigger audience to identify with your writing, illustration can be drawn in a way that speaks to people from various countries, cultures, and backgrounds.

#1 Simplify your message

Some concepts are complex and illustration can make it simple for your audience. You can turn any data into infographics and present it in an interesting way. For educational texts, it can help students to memorize and understand information faster.

An illustration can also express concepts that are abstract and difficult to visualize.

#2 Show feelings

An illustration can focus on certain feelings that you would like to express or highlight. The shape and movement of characters of objects can tell an engaging story. You can read more here on how to show feelings through illustration. Feelings help us to connect with the audience on a personal level.

#3 Be different

When you commission an artwork, you can develop your own brand voice, that stays consistent and unique to you. An article will be more memorable and your audience will associate it with your visual language. An illustration can be customized with your own colors and shapes. You can even pick the technique that the artist should use, that could be more suitable for your brand. Mailchimp for example, set their branding very well in our memories, with their artistic visuals. Oscar health insurance company is using illustration in a wonderful way. They make their services look more human and inviting. You can check it here.


Mailchimp Illustration for a blog post.


Oscar health insurance company explaining their plans.

#4 Visual structure

Adding illustration to your posts, will break longer texts and make it visually appealing. It can help you be more professional, and to show that you put an effort for your readers.

#5 Reuse graphics in social media

You can distribute the visuals to all your social media channels and promote your post. Graphics can be adjusted for each medium, and you can even turn it into a video. You could also request all the elements separately to use each object or character in various ways. I am using my illustrations everywhere, from social media to blog posts.


The most important part of a blog will always be the text. Without a good copy, even images won’t make it any better. However, good imagery can make your stories more memorable.

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