Graphic Designer Europe

I help you to grow through creativity

My name is Joanna, I help parents and educators to grow by creative thinking through branding strategy and illustration.

The only thing that is more important than your own personal growth is your children/students. I believe that we should model the future generation of leaders, not the followers. 

I have Polish blood but I graduated from Graphic Design in 2013 in Cyprus. After seven years of experience in creative agencies and the financial industry, I started my own design studio: Makako. Makako helps parents start their own business. I create a business strategy, branding, and visual language through illustrations.

I am an active member and volunteer in projects that support equality in parenting and a change in education. When I am not drawing, I enjoy family adventures in nature and kickboxing.

Currently I offer only one package and you can find it at Makako website.

Follow my daily adventures on Instagram.

Contact: create@varrojoanna.com


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