Art Director & Illustrator

Joanna Varró

Connect with your audience

Joanna Varró is an Art Director and an illustrator. She works with brands that care for the education and mental health of parents and children. Joanna helps her clients to be candid and connect with their audience on an emotional level.



She is Polish, but graduated from Graphic Design and Advertising in 2013 in Cyprus. Currently enjoying her own design studio in Hungary.


Art Direction

Joanna helps brands run sprints and brand strategy workshops to solve problems in a creative way. It is a useful exercise before spending money on extensive marketing and graphic design.


Illustration design

Illustration system is a set of visuals that help your business to tell an engaging and consistent story. It helps to simplify complex concepts and emotions. It can consist of illustrations for branding, website, social media, advertising, editorial or educational materials.



AIGA Los Angeles, Design Toast:

To make something good, you need to make something bad

ADDitude Magazine:

When the Bully Who Does the Most Damage is You

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