Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

I turn complex ideas into simple and engaging stories with a fluid visual language.

I am usually wanted for branding strategy and identity design with a unique personality through illustrations. I enjoy making illustrations for websites, posters, infographics, social media, educational materials, magazines, and books.

Secret Sauce

I draw with empathy. It helps me to connect with the audience. My style is bright, emotional, and positive but it grows and changes with each brand.

Happy Adults = Happy Kids

I’m hoping to add a drop of change for the future of our kids by working with brands that contribute to a more fulfilling and happy life. I am passionate about the education industry because it’s essential to our growth and mental health care because it helps us with confidence, relationships, and a happier life. I enjoy working on products/services for parents and children in the hope to contribute to family balance.

More about me

I have Polish blood but I graduated from Graphic Design and Advertising in 2013 in Cyprus. I worked in Czech Republic, Cyprus, Switzerland, and currently enjoying my own design studio in Hungary. I am still looking for my final destination.

I have started Creative Therapy to help adults with ADHD gain confidence and self-awareness, relax, express feelings and cope with ADHD symptoms. I started it (and translated posts into Polish) for my mom. You can also check my journey on Patreon.

When I’m not working, I like to enjoy kickboxing, family adventures in the forest, or reading books with my husband.

Contact: create@varrojoanna.com

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