Because I Was Hungry Cookbook

How to Design a Cookbook in 6 Simple Steps

I really love good design as much as good food. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to cook well. That’s why i combined my love for food with passion for design and here it is: my own cookbook. Collection of my favorite recipes never keeps me hungry. Here are 6 simple steps on how to prepare your own cookbook.

Cookbook Theme


Is it going to be family recipes or food from your country? My book focused on my favorite food simply because I didn’t know how to cook, I was hungry.

Cookbook Recipes


I contacted all my family and friends to send me their homemade recipes of my favorite food. The most difficult task was to edit them in order to get the same measurements for all the food (I had to cook!)

Style of the book


I decided that for my book I need something simple and easy to understand for me as  I was a cook-beginner. Therefore, I illustrated all the ingredients and wrote a simple explanations how to prepare the dishes.



In order to keep my design consistent I prepared a grid, chapters, page numbering, contents page, fonts and basic graphics that I can use in my book.

Let’s do it!


With ale the graphical elements it was easy to implement the design. I also added a short introduction and a thank you note on the end.

Printing & Cover


I knew that I will create only 1 copy of the book so I choose a unique textured paper. The cover is handmade with different materials that remind me of my family and time we spend together.

These process could be explained in much more detail but it just didn’t feel right for my post.  If you want to know more just contact me or leave a comment below.


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