DIY Trifold Wedding Invitations

DIY Trifold Wedding Invitations
Difficulty Prep time Cooking time Servings
Complex 2 days 5 days 50 invitations


Nutrition Laughter Smiles Excitement Tears
Grams 100 200 100 10



Trifold design with the inserts of your choice. In this example I added a tissue for tears, dictionary for the guests, hotel address for some guests and the wedding program. Pages included: invitation, important people, poem about gifts.





  • 150g navy blue paper
  • 220g white paper with texture
  • light blue/beige or peach ribbons
  • laces
  • hot glue
  • adhesive spray/double sided tape
  • UHU all purpose adhesive
  • non drop super glue
  • tissues
  • additional paper in the color palette


  • cutting knife
  • cutting board
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • lighter
  • printer



Step 1 – Print your designs

Step-1-PrintI designed 4 rectangles 7×15 cm. It is up to you what would you like to write inside! If you don’t know how to use Illustrator or Photoshop, you can use Word or handwrite your pages once and photocopy it. If you need help ask me.


Step 2 – Cut out designs

Press the ruler to the edge of your design and use the cutter to cut off all the pieces.

Step 3 – Fold the A4 paper in half

This will create a mark for you to cut it exactly in half.

Step 4 – Cut A4 in half

Use the ruler and cutter. You will now have the body of your invitation.

Step 5 – Divide paper in 3

Make marks in horizontal position at 7th and 14th cm for your guidance.

Step 6 – Create bending

Hold the ruler at 7th and 14th cm to make shallow cut. and  Make sure to use little pressure only not to cut it through.

Step 7 – Fold A5 page into a trifold

Fold the A5 page
One side will come out slightly shorter but that is good as this part will fold inside.

Step 8 – Smooth the bending

Leave the invitations under a book or any other object for an hour so that it opens and closes nicely.

Step 9 – Glue the pages

Use the glue in spray or a double sided tape to stick the insides of the invitation. In this way you will not leave dirty stains.

Step 10 – Cut 7 cm of ribbon

Measure the ribbon
I used turquoise and beige ribbons. Cutting board can be a good ruler for that.

Step 11 – Burn the edges

Use lighter
Just open the fire for a second to make the edges smoother. Be careful not to burn the ribbon (or yourself)!

Step 12 – Glue the ribbon I

15Start the hot glue and when ready make a small drop and quickly stick the ribbon. Make sure that you stick the shiny part as you will flip it later. This glue dries very fast and it is very hot so you will have to be cautious on this step.

Step 13 – Glue the ribbon II

Step 13
Fold the invitation, stretch the ribbon and stick it to the front of the invitation with a glue gun.

Step 14 – The shiny stone

Use the strong non drop glue to stick the stone and tweezers to catch it.

Step 15 – Wait

Once you stick the stone, put the invitations aside and wait for the glue to dry for about 2-10 minutes depending on the glue you will be using.

Step 16 – Slide the inserts in

It is up to you  to choose what would you like to slit inside the ribbon. I put the hotel address, wedding program, tissue for tears and a small dictionary with Polish, English and Hungarian words.

Step 17 – Cut the lace

Each piece should be 14cm and it will go on the outside of your invitation.

Step 18 – Burn the edges

Be careful here, laces can easily melt so don’t touch the edge.

Step 19 – Draw a line in the middle

Flip the invitation and draw a line on the outside for a guide. It should fit on 2/3 of the page.

Step 20 – Put glue over it

Be careful the glue gun is hot and it is drying extremely fast! As soon as you put down the glue gun stick the lace immediately.

Step 21 – Finalise the invitation

At the end put the invitation aside with an object on the top of it for the whole night. 30 minutes would be enough too but for a perfect folding it is good to leave it for a night before you will fill up the names of your guests. On the end, I decided to add also a little heart paper cut out, just on the edge to hide the end of the lace.

Now you have your invitations ready! I hope you enjoyed it! Please let me know your thoughts and if you decide to go for this challenge share your experience and ideas! If you need any help just leave a comment down below or contact me.

I am freelance Graphic Designer passionate about education, design for children, handmade stuff and books. I am a mother and a wife. I am Polish but I lived in Cyprus for many years and now I moved to charming Prague in Czech Republic. I work with clients all over the world who share the same passion and values.


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