Why I Don’t Want to Be a Blogger

Why I Don’t Want to Be a Blogger

Don’t Be a Blogger

Don’t be a blogger, just try to be yourself and deliver good stuff to your readers. While I do follow some rules that I learned with time about writing I try not to overthink the statistics and write what I really think is valuable to me. Below 6 basic blogger tips and why I don’t follow them. Not saying that it is the right way, it is just my way.

#1 I love to write

I don’t like the idea of writing for its own sake. When I have a crazy thought, I write it down in my sketchbook and I like to expand on the idea with time. Some thoughts sat there for a year or just a day and I brought them to life when it was ready and felt like it.

When you are a real blogger, you should have a schedule and post frequently. I managed to overcome this obstacle when I was inspired one day and I wrote articles worth a month time. Now, I can keep on writing without worrying about the frequency.

#2 I want to enjoy social media

I cannot imagine opening Pinterest and pinning like crazy just to keep up in the algorithms. I love beautiful things and I would hate to repin only famous stuff. I decided never to be active for its own sake. I also don’t spend my time reposting my own stuff. I would rather keep on searching for new inspiring ideas. For all social media, researching and then stuffing with keywords became tiring too. I still drop some but with less love for it and more focus on the actual content.

#3 I don’t like to comment for fame

I also cannot imagine visiting other blogs and writing comments when I don’t feel like. Bloggers should keep in touch with others and stay out there interacting with others. I do comment, where I feel it is necessary but I never comment useless stuff, where I have nothing to say.

#4 SEO is destroying my thoughts


My SEO mistakes

My SEO mistakes

I use basic Yoast SEO plugin for my posts, that helps me add this basic SEO tips. But I don’t cry when the plugin warns me that I do not have enough keywords in my post or that I should add text when I feel that one image says it all. I do my best but I am not a good blogger so I gave up on improving the way people can find me for any price.

#5 I don’t want to write about what is in fashion

It is highly recommended to do an extensive research on what people are searching for, what topics are popular or simply what people talk about right now. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like writing about what is in fashion right now. Sometimes, I manage to fit just like this but I never force it or search for it. I just simply share my experience, on my own journey as I believe there are some people out there just like me.

#6 I don’t have time for long posts

They say that for a good SEO ranking I should write long posts. Not only I don’t write them, but also I never read long articles. I follow only 3 blogs that I am reading fully. One of them is just very simple and interesting, the other short and sweet and the last one is very visual without much text. Everything comes straight to my mail. No need to open links, I can utilise my time in the metro when travelling. No stupid advertising, just valuable content. Aren’t we all just scanning the headlines today anyway? Do you have time for very long articles? I don’t. Neither, to read or write them for you.


I simply just want to be free. Free to write how it feels right now. Free from statistics and rules for blogging. Sometimes, I am actually jealous of people who have more traffic than me but I can’t seem to force myself to write differently. Maybe I am just too lazy to apply all this magical SEO and blogging techniques. Love it or hate it, let me know.

Are you a real blogger?

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