Draw a resilient relationship

Design a resilient relationship. Draw this illustration in your own style. You can find an outline, ready for download here. This exercise can be done by adults and kids. When coloring, or redesigning the illustration, think of what a strong relationship is for you. When I was drawing, I thought of surviving through difficult times with my husband. It made me realize that even though we have different goals, we respect each other’s decisions and don’t judge them just because we are different. The base of our relationship is honesty, communication about our needs and values, and equality.

Goal: Try to see what does it really take to build strong relationships. Sometimes, we take things for granted.

Materials: drawing tablet or paper, pencils, markers, paints.

Feel free to hit the reply button to share with me your finds or tag #happyVJ on Instagram so that I can feature your self-discovery!

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