Drawing Made Easy

Drawing Made Easy

Drawing can seem overwhelming at the beginning. I dreamt of illustrator career since 2009 but I didn’t dare to start because I felt like it is impossible if you don’t have the talent for drawing. My biggest enemy was myself. I did not understand proportions and I felt silly for not getting it how the position should look like. Only last year, I started to draw every day. It gave me so much pleasure that I could not stop. I learned some tricks to make it easy and more fun. At the end of this year, I got 3 big commercial projects. Conclusion: I wish I started earlier, you can do anything you put your mind up to. The only thing that is stopping you from growing is yourself.

My 8 favorite tips for making drawing easy and fun:

  1. Hide, what you cannot draw yet.
  2. Use only two colors.
  3. Get inspired by famous illustrators with minimal and fun style ( @malikafavre @andyjpizza @lisacongdon ).
  4. Make it personal or fun. Draw about your personal experiences or support your cause.
  5. Don’t buy any new tools until you master one. Use what you already have.
  6. Exaggerate shapes.
  7. Focus on one theme/object/person.
  8. Turn your weaknesses into your style. For a long time, I didn’t know how to draw human figures so my illustrations were more symbolic.


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