What Do I Bill for and for What I Don’t

What Do I Bill for and for What I Don’t

Graphic Design Fees

Graphic design fees can be very confusing for the new creative clients. If you are wondering if I will charge you for making coffee or writing for you this super long proposal, have a look at the below points.

That is on me

  1. Proposals (this can take me even a full day!)
  2. Contracts
  3. One time, simple advice
  4. Invoicing
  5. Software licensing
  6. Always learning new trends and technologies
  7. Communication below 15 minutes and all communication that does not include a professional consultation
  8. Travelling to the meetings (unless it requires me to fly or catch a train)

You pay for

  1. Research on your project (always included in the proposal)
  2. Revisions and any extra requests (always included in the proposal)
  3. Communication (email, phone, meeting) which takes us more than 15 min and includes a professional consultation
  4. Anything that was requested specifically by you: some special fonts, images or software (we always agree on it and add it in writing to the proposal)

How do I check the time

For most of the projects, I already know from my experience how much time it will take me. In addition, I use a time-tracking app on my mobile where I can double check if I counted everything correctly. When I send a proposal to you everything is broken down into the process and the time that it will take. Depending on the client needs, I work both, hourly and project based.

Anything mysterious? Ask me anything below or contact me!

I am freelance Graphic Designer passionate about education, design for children, handmade stuff and books. I am a mother and a wife. I am Polish but I lived in Cyprus for many years and now I moved to charming Prague in Czech Republic. I work with clients all over the world who share the same passion and values.


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