Illustration Learning Process

Illustration Learning Process

Illustration Learning Process

Today I decided to recap my illustration learning progress. To do that I did the same drawing as I did in March and it was my first human figure drawing. The beginning was hard because I had to admit to myself that I’m not good at drawing at all and that there is no shortcut to adding new skills to my work. The only way was consistency and persistence even though I could see no results in the first 3 months. To overcome your obstacles you need to only get to that one breaking point. Once you start seeing results the magic will happen.

What I did to learn drawing:

#1 First 3 months I was only tracing photographs to get the shape and proportions right. My only goal was that when I draw a person, others should recognize it. I skipped any details, even the face. Very demotivating because everything looked bad.

#2 Next 5 months I took time to take Skillshare classes on how to do shading and add texture. I also started to see my own style and character in the illustrations. Much more fun phase.

#3 The next 3 months I focused on studying famous illustrators. I waited that long because I wanted to make my own mistakes and avoid the significant influence of style. Most importantly I learned how to tell stories. I focused on what I want my viewer to feel. I felt it and then I was able to tell a story.

I’m still far from good and I think the next step for me is calligraphy and lettering for one year. What do you think of my progress? What would you improve?

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