Mobile Apps to Stay Organised

4 Mobile Apps to Stay Organised at Work

Mobile Apps to Stay Organised,
I can’t live without

Without these tools, I cannot imagine to start my day! All of them are light to use (space) and free of charge (besides Dropbox Premium). I use the apps for work and my personal stuff.

Also for my husband, he loves how organized and synchronized we are now (sarcasm).

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Screenshot with my tasks of the month.

Super easy to use and Graphic Designer-friendly. I can add deadlines, meetings, notes and most importantly it is synchronized across all my devices. Even with my husband’s calendar which makes it easier to send him notes on holidays and traveling.

What I insert in the calendar: project deadlines, meetings, phone calls, my Officehours, my social media schedule and many other personal notes like appointments, baby stuff, trips and holidays.


Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep app screenshot with my shopping list for the office.

Another great tool from Google. It allows for a light and quick notes. I have one list for the day, that helps me focus on the tasks for this day only and tick them accordingly.

Again, I can synchronize it with my husband’s to-do list, to help me out with shopping or housework. Imagine how much my husband loves these tools by now 🙂





Timesheet screenshot that shows how I start my work.

This app helps me keep track of hours spent on each project for each client. I simply check-in when I start working and tap pause for a lunch break, phone call or a switch between different projects.

All gets synchronized to Dropbox account, so I don’t have to worry about any backups. I can also feel confident about the hours charged to my client and keep a record of my invoices. Super useful app and it is free!




Dropbox screenshot with my recent wedding cards upload.

I love this tool for staying on top of all my work files. It is synchronized across all my devices so I never have to use a USB anymore and don’t have to worry about backups. More, if I went to the printer and forgot something, I can just log in and download anything I need.

I’m using the Dropbox Pro account with 1TB storage space for €99/year. You can also try it for free first with a 2GB free space. The free account is useful if you want to just synchronize your camera uploads.

Which tools do you use? Do you have any experience with the above? Any better recommendations?

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    Posted at 14:13h, 22 July Reply

    This is the perfect way to break down this initomaofrn.

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