Online Brandin Strategy Workshop

Branding Strategy Workshop


Online branding strategy workshop for mental health professionals, schools, educational platforms, and individuals who face disadvantages in starting a business.


It is a useful exercise before spending money on extensive marketing and graphic design. It helps to define measurable goals, turn abstract ideas into an action plan, and find the brand voice.


What will you get? We start with a four to a full-day creative workshop where we decide together on how to align your goals with the needs of your audience. From there I will create a document with a summary that will act as a backbone for your business.


This online strategy workshop lasts a minimum of four hours and the investment starts at €1500. A workshop in a group of two people starts at €700

Design Consulting


Whether it is an identity design or a website for your business, I will oversee the full project for you. Once the branding strategy is in place, all it takes to a beautiful design is finding the right talent for the job.


I am passionate about illustration and occasionally, I create illustration systems that can support your branding. Illustration system is a set of visuals that help your business to tell an engaging and consistent story. It helps to simplify complex concepts and emotions. It can consist of illustrations for branding, website, social media, advertising, editorial or educational materials.


Design projects investment starts at €750.

Illustration System

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