Online Brandin Strategy Workshop

Branding Strategy Workshop


Branding strategy workshop for passionate, goal-driven women. What will you get? Four hours to a full-day workshop where we will:


– Identify and overcome the roadblocks in starting out (budget, family balance, confidence, career change).

– Gain clarity on your business positioning.

– Bridge the gap between your own goals and what your audience really needs.

– Find your brand voice.

– Turn abstract ideas into an action plan.

– Documentation with the branding strategy and action plan


This online strategy workshop lasts a minimum of four hours and the investment starts at €1000. A workshop in a group of two people starts at €400

Identity Design with Illustration


Based on the goals and marketing action plan, I design the identity system that stands out with its illustrations.


Illustration system is a set of visuals that help your business to tell an engaging and consistent story. It helps to simplify complex concepts and emotions. It can consist of illustrations for branding, website, social media, advertising, editorial or educational materials.


Design projects investment starts at €500.

Illustration System

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