Trusting Children – Respectfully Navigating Parenthood

Trusting Children Packaging

Trusting Children is a place to help parents learn how to respectfully navigate parenthood and different stages of their child’s development in an accessible way.


Challenge: Building brand awareness and positioning as a resourceful and respectful space.


Outcome: In order to increase brand loyalty we build trustful, fresh, and inviting branding from the ground up.


Impact: Attracting leads of better quality and making respectful parenting methodology accessible for all parents.


Services: Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Illustration.

Trusting Children Logo on Tote Bag
Trusting Children Logo on T-shirt
Trusting Children Print
Trusting Children Logo on Stationary
trusting Children Pattern

Behind the Scenes


It all started with a tree and a mother who wanted to offer parents tools and strategies to cope with the challenges of parenthood. The ultimate benefit is the child having a parent who is more understanding of their developmental needs and a parent who does not feel overwhelmed by their child’s behaviors.


The tree was a designer’s mistake to start off with an illustration instead of the logo mark. But it was embedded in the core values so much that we decided to simplify it and keep it to tell the brand story.



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