Creative Breakfast – You Don’t Have to Be Creative Alone

Branding, Illustration System, Packaging, Website Design
Workshop at Creative Breakfast

Creative Breakfast is a coffee shop for creatives, where they can learn new skills over a good breakfast.  There are only 10 seats at the table. What are the criteria to join? Transparency about your creative career and willingness to learn from each other. Collaboration, trust, and feeling at home is at the core center of the Creative Breakfast.


Challenge: Build a coffee shop brand that had to be put on pause because of COVID. Instead of waiting for the pandemic to change, how might we start building brand awareness already?


Outcome: Building brand strategy, awareness, and personality, without having the physical location ready.


Impact: Building a creative community that loves sharing and growing with courage.


Deliverables: Branding strategy, identity design, social media, packaging, illustration system, website design, and development.

Creative Breakfast Shop

Branding Strategy

We started with the strategy workshop, where we defined the brand vision for the next 20 years! From the small coffee shop, the ambition was to become a host of creative workshops not only for creatives but also for the local community. Imagine, art therapy for the elderly, career building, and mentoring for students who want to pursue a creative career. All done over a simple breakfast with good tea.


The hearth of the strategy was talking about the audience and how might we bridge the gap between what we want to see and what creative people actually need. We know it had to be about community, transparency, innovation, sharing, and growing together. We wanted to give young people the space to create so that they could make a change with their work. We just didn’t want them to be creative alone.

Creative Breakfast started from the love for hosting guests over a tea. Add to it one creative designer who needed a space to teach. We started by looking for a small space that could fit at least 10 people and had a small kitchen. We needed one coffee machine, one kettle, one space to make pancakes, and one big table with 10 chairs. It was an exciting project until the arrival of the pandemic. The dream of a coffee shop with creative workshops for the local community seemed out of the picture. For now…

Creative Breakfast Logo
Creative Breakfast Logo

Identity Design & Illustration

Once a good strategy was in place we could focus on building the identity design. While we wanted it to be fresh and innovative, it had to have a touch of folk style. A reminder, of our cultures, where we came from, and celebrating the differences that made us, us. Blues seemed sad at first but we needed to keep the calm feeling. Art is therapeutic and our audience should feel that!


The logo came out simple but with so much meaning behind it. There was the building part, creativity, breakfast together at one table. Illustration came easy and it was visualizing the combination of growth, creativity, and the breakfast itself. We felt like we built our home.

Creative Breakfast Tableware
Creative Breakfast Coffee
Creative Breakfast Icon

Product Design & Creative Menu

Having so much time on hand, we were trying to develop our product line of organic teas, coffee, and snacks that could be served even when we run out of pancakes, to keep the creative flow going.

Creative Breakfast Snacks
Creative Breakfast
Creative Breakfast Stationary
Creative Breakfast Tea
Creative Breakfast Website
Waitress at Creative Breakfast
Creative Breakfast Menu


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