Peace Post Trauma – Everyone Deserves Peaceful Life

Branding, Illustration System, Packaging, Website Design

Peace Post Trauma came with the challenge of starting the practice from scratch. Specializing in trauma and PTSD. Launching the brand and building brand awareness was our primary goal.


Challenge: Positioning as a therapist with Christian values practicing evidence-based treatment.


Outcome: Building brand strategy, awareness, and personality, while preparing for the official launch.


Impact: Building a community to help more people experiencing severe trauma.


Deliverables: Branding strategy, identity design, social media, packaging, illustration system, website design, and development, all year business mentoring.

Branding Strategy

We started with the strategy workshop, gaining clarity on how to launch Peace Post Trauma. Peace Post Trauma is experienced with different diagnoses including Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar I and II, personality disorders. We wanted to make sure that the personality is reflecting evidence-based treatment as well as faith-based values.

Crafting audience persona was the priority in order to help more people. Peace Post Trauma focuses on people who experienced serious trauma. It was essential that verbal and visual communication was able to reach out to those people.

Identity Design & Illustration

Once a good strategy was in place we could focus on building the identity design. Our aim was to make it elegant and peaceful. Positioning the cross in the logo was intentional to make sure that the private practice gains the attention of a suitable audience. We took inspiration from floral patterns which were designed to stimulate growth and inspire future patients.


The illustration system was a collaborative work between myself and talented illustrator Kimia Golabgir. She helped me to make the illustrations elegant and inviting, while I tried to add warm touches, and various adaptations.

Product Design

Once the identity was ready we injected the designs into products. We met for another strategy in order to find cost-effective ways to help patients with serious trauma. The result was inspired by grounding techniques, methodology well known in Peace Post Trauma Practice. We designed mugs that could help clients to stay in the present moment through experiencing all 5 senses.


We also worked on a journal, where patients are encouraged to complete their first 100 days of journaling. It would help them to build a simple and effective habit in therapy. To reuse illustrative materials, we came up with engaging printouts that could be a useful therapeutic resource.


Relaxing colors are selected to match specific content, helping to create visual harmony and an immersive experience for the user. These key aspects of the design give users a better sense of Peace Post Trauma as a brand: that its aesthetic is clean and timeless as well as welcoming and warm.


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