Pune Registrations – Can Serious Business be More Expressive?

Business Strategy, Illustration System, Website Design, Art Direction

Pune Registrations helps you to register your business. Or not. Sometimes, you might not realize what it really takes to run a business. Pune Registrations will give you 100% clarity before you make that serious decision. The team will help you to understand all the licensing that you will need, as well as all the trends on the market and possible costs.


Challenge: Educating young professionals on starting a business so that they can make an informed decision and be more successful.


Outcome: Full illustration system that is fun and energetic to engage with the younger audience. The website is clear and explains each step of business registration with transparency. Illustrations were designed by another artist Kimia on my team as her style was more suitable.


Impact: In progress.


Services: Branding Strategy, Identity Design, Art Direction, Illustration System, and the website.

Pune Registrations Icons
Pune Registrations Website



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