Secret Wine Stories – Everyone Has a Story To Tell

Branding with Illustration System
Secret Wine Stories Packaging

Secret Wine Stories is a wonderful family business of Andrea and Ferenc who decided to share their passion for wine with the world. Soon you will be able to buy from their webshop a wine subscription with an amazing story.


Challenge: Promote discovering small wineries, while maintaining VIP status.


Outcome: Luxurious logo with engaging illustrations to connect with the audience.


Impact: Supporting small, local wineries.


Services: Branding Strategy, Identity Design, Website Design, and Packaging Design with custom made illustrations.

Secret Wine Stories Illustration on Barrel
Secret Wine Stories Wine Glasses
Secret Wine Stories Glasses Illustration
Secret Wine Stories Website Design
Secret Wine Stories Logo Design
Secret Wine Stories Illustration on Grapes
Secret Wine Stories Logo Icon
Secret Wine Stories Logo Stamp
Secret Wine Stories Identity Design in Winery



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