Social Media Journaling – Everyone Deserves to Be Happy

Documenting One Year of Drawing - Selected Work

I started my illustration learning journey in March 2019 from a commitment to one year of drawing daily. I decided to share my learnings on social media to be transparent about the process and motivate others to do something that makes them happy every day. Art was therapeutic and healing. It helped me with self-awareness, growth, and better mental health. Once I reach my goals as an illustrator, I tried to give back. Everyone deserves to be happy so I decided to share my learnings around personal growth, mental health, and leading with empathy. Here is my favorite selection of illustrations!


Challenge: Displaying work in progress, to show other creatives, learning process. It made me feel vulnerable, but at the same time, I wanted to show confidence about being transparent.


Outcome: A collection of illustrations and new skills to improve my client’s work. I also added a new stream of income to my current work as an identity designer.


Impact: I connected with my audience on an emotional level and built relationships that last until today. I received hundreds of DMs from people who struggle with mental health, thanking me for my work.


Deliverables: Social Media Illustrations, Merchandise



AIGA Los Angeles, Design Toast: To make something good, you need to make something bad,

The Futur Academy, YouTube live show: Becoming an Illustrator in 1 Year – Interview and Tutorial

Choose Unstoppable, podcast interview: How The Compound Effect Turned Her Side Project Into A Thriving Full-Time Business

Love You Illustration
Depression Help Illustration
Depression self-help that is not helping illlustration
Illustration Project Files for Practice
Stories hand-lettering
Postpartum Depression Illustration
The Red Shoes Illustration
The Old House Illustration Strategy
Bird View - Creative Therapy
Temptation Illustration
Self Care Illustration
Meditation Illustration
Becoming a Professional Illustrator in 1 Year


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