Abundance Book – What we Eat is Linked to Our Lifestyle

Line Drawing of Herbs

About This Project

Sophie came with a wonderful vision that she wanted to share in her book. It is said, we become what we eat, which is almost an understatement. Food is linked to our lifestyle our – daily choices, our spiritual approach, it is connected to nature, and in the end the circle of life. That’s why Sophie wants to inspire people to see the importance of how and what we eat. Sophie believes that if we would all eat more consciously, it would all be the ultimate catalyst of change we need to see in the world.


Challenge: Sharing wisdom, while adding value to the book.


Outcome: Beautiful book with illustrations inspired by spices, few of the ingredients to abundance.


Impact: The book was sold out and we have ordered additional copies for production.


Services: Strategy, Book Illustrations, and Production.



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