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The Creative Mind is a community for creative entrepreneurs to overcome limiting beliefs, gain confidence, and grow professionally.


Challenge: Building brand awareness and positioning as a safe space to talk about mental health.


Outcome: Creative tribe that wants to grow professionally and support each other on this journey.


Impact: In order to help creatives to open up, we started live calls, where we helped them to solve the problems on the spot.


Services: Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Illustration, Social Media.

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Behind the Scenes

The Creative Mind is a personal project that I started in collaboration with a web designer and developer, Maura FitzPatrick. We both believe that mental health should be more accessible and affordable for everyone. While it is getting better, there are still gaps in the system that prevent creative entrepreneurs to succeed in their business.


It is still very unlikely that you could ask for sick leave because of depression or get some help and support because of the imposter syndrome. Even though we need our brains to be creative all the time, we can feel so emotionally overburdened that we can’t move forward. It can lead to procrastination, lack of focus, and disorganization.


That is why Creative Mind was born to fight the limiting beliefs that creatives have and to help them grow. What started just as a series of mental health posts on Instagram like here turned into a community. We created a series of workshops on topics like mindfulness, acceptance, and personal growth. It is all free and everyone is welcomed to join. Together we can make a change!


The brand is going to grow with its audience, depending on their needs. We don’t know where is it going, but we want to be there.

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