(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

High contrast baby congratulation cards with circles. Black and white high-contrast cards will entertain your baby from the first days. Besides getting another pretty card that will end up in your memories box use this card to make your baby smile. Simple colours and pattern design will simulate vision of your little one.

You can read more about Infant Brain Stimulation here.

Card designed with love on a beautiful, textured 250gsm PAPERADO paper. Envelope has a unique opening from the top and it matches the colours of the cards.

I love a unique paper design, it’s patterns, thickens and textures. All paper for my stationery is well chosen from a local shop and handpicked for each card and your special occasion.

Text on the front page says:
Congratulations on your squeaky baby* 
*Let's hope this card will give you 60 seconds of silence.

Stationery designed with a lot of love. Every tiny bit corner of the card is designed with a specific thought. I am inspired by my own family and events happening around me. When I design, I think what would be special for my loved ones.

When my first boy was born I received few greeting cards but unfortunately, I had to throw them away with the first moving due to the lack of the space. With my new design, I am proposing to reuse the same card for baby brain stimulation during the first months. Thanks to the high quality, durable paper kids can play with this card later on.

I want people who buy my cards to experience it. To feel the texture of the paper, to see the ink filling up the lines and shapes and to experience the love I put into it. I want you to give your loved ones a unique gift that they will never forget.