Welcome Little Beast Baby Card for Girl

Welcome Little Beast Baby Card for Girl


Colours: Raspberry & Peppermint Paper weight: 250gsm Dimensions: 21x21cm Professionally printed with an offset printer.

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Little beast baby card for a girl.All babies seem like a beast when they are born with all the squeaking and sleepless nights. They are also full of love and need carrying for like for a little beast.

Card designed with love on a beautiful Particles Sunshine, Keaykolour paper that is 100% recycled. All made from 100% post-consumer recycled pulp with the matching envelopes. It has an original poem inside (written by a dad) which says:

Welcome to this world!
In the stomach, it felt much better.
But on the outside, we also have nice weather.
It was warm and the bubbles, you liked to kick so much.
But mama and papa can’t wait for your first touch.
So, follow the light at the end of the tube.
Outside is so cool and you can always grab the boob.
Your parents just love to wash your tiny clothes and to clean your poo.
Staying up all night and spending time only with you.
Enjoy your journey!

The colours are very subtle so it will fit every colour pattern. If you know your colour scheme, you can also request a custom design. We can make a custom colour match and add specific characteristics to the monster.

You can also get a matching print from here.

For special orders, we can also make a full set: colouring pages, books, with pillow covers, bedsheets or anything you might dream of that will fit your baby room.

I love a unique paper design, it’s patterns, thickens and textures. All paper for my stationery is well chosen from a local shop and handpicked for each print and your special occasion.
As my heart breaks to use so much paper and waste it I always try to find a recyclable paper. I also like cards that can have a second use beyond collecting dust in our “memories” boxes.

You can use this poster as a colouring page and for educational games. Once older, kids can sing or count with the beast. They can also cut out the beast and place it in a diary. You can also tell me more about your kids and I am happy to think of more specific activities to reuse the print.

I want people who buy my prints to experience it. I want you to give your loved ones a unique gift.



Weight 25 g
Dimensions 23 × 13.5 cm


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