(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

Little beast print suitable for a girl. All babies seem like a beast when they are born with all the squeaking and sleepless nights. They are also full of love and need carrying for like for a little beast.

Prints designed with love on a beautiful KILIM art paper that has a unique texture.

You can sue this poster to hang it in the nursery and you can match it with the same card. The poster will look best with a modern and simple nursery. The colours are very subtle so it will fit every colour pattern. If you know your colour scheme, you can also request a custom design. We can make a custom colour match and add specific characteristics to the monster.

For special orders, we can also make a full set: colouring pages, books, with pillow covers, bedsheets or anything you might dream of that will fit your baby room.

I love a unique paper design, it’s patterns, thickens and textures. All paper for my stationery is well chosen from a local shop and handpicked for each card and your special occasion.
As my heart breaks to use so much paper and waste it I always try to find a recyclable paper. I also like prints that can have a second use beyond collecting dust in our “memories” boxes.

You can use this poster as a colouring page and for educational games. Once older, kids can sing or count with the beast. They can also cut out the beast and place it in a diary. You can also tell me more about your kids and I am happy to think of more specific activities to reuse the print.

I want people who buy my prints to experience it. I want you to give your loved ones a unique gift.