Drawing Made Simple

Relax by Drawing Happy Faces

No matter what the struggles in my life, drawing was always my creative therapy. Trying to feel what my characters feel, helped me to switch off and put all my energy into illustrations. I wanted to share with you a mini happy faces tutorial so that you can try it for yourself.

#1 To draw those fun characters start by drawing random circles. 

#2 Then add some eyes and eyebrows 1/3 height from the top.

Eyebrows express a lot, how a character feels, but the eyes could be very simple.

#3 Next, draw noses and ears. Usually the longer the face the longer the nose. The more rounded circle will feel good with an oval nose.

#4 Add a mouth with long lines for wider shapes. You can try to experiment, with different ideas.

#5 While growing some hair, remember to let it go wild. Bold guys, deserve a beard.

#6 Put some glasses, jewelry, or a few freckles.

#7 Finally, give your characters life with textures and delicate shadows. Keep them smiling and make it simple.

There are no rules, just sharing my own process. Don’t forget to share your own version of happy faces. Experiment with facial expressions. Enjoy the process. Done is better than perfect.

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