When to Stop Being a Superwoman?

A superwoman?

I am not saying that I am one. I just feel like it. I manage to do super cool house stuff, work freelance from home and take care of my giant growing belly. Every hour I manage to take a 5-10 minutes break for exercising or cooking for my husband. When everything is done at the end of the day I sit with my well-deserved ice-cream and I feel really good that so many things have been done. I just feel like a superwoman.

On tough days, though, I just let it go. Because I know for a fact that you can’t do two things at the same time for 100%.

I love it

I love the rush, the multitasking and being active all the time. I never failed on anyone, I leave my clients happy and do everything within the deadlines. My husband also claims to be happy (he might be afraid though to say differently to a pregnant woman). My baby can’t speak so far but the doctor is also surprised at my regular checkups, parental lessons, exercises done, baby knowledge gained and healthy meals cooked. I feel like a superwoman.

I hate it


Sometimes my husband eats burned food and his shirts get pink in the washing. I don’t manage to write as many blog posts or design as many shop items as I would like. I never get time to improve my own website. I also don’t always get enough exercise for that 9 months belly of mine and become a giant hippopotamus. Not to mention all this girls stuff: shopping, thinking of fancy clothes or God forgive me fixing my hair when walking out with the dog. There are days when I think of all this. And it feels bad. I just wish this times to be more normal!

Stop being super

Whenever I get the moment of I hate it and I realize that I just can’t be perfect in everything I am starting to doubt myself and feel anxious if it is all worth it and if I should not give up on something.

What I learned in the past few months is just to let it go. It is OK to be frustrated, have doubts and be scared of the future. Everyone is. But at the end of the day, whatever I do is always better than doing nothing and I will always be a step closer to my personal life and career goals.

So for a day or two in a month I just stop being super. I let my husband feel sorry for me, feed me more ice-cream and remind me how cool some things I did are. I cook pasta and I start to remind myself how grateful I should be for this possibility to work from home and be my own boss. How cool is it going to be when my baby is born and I will be able to spend more time with him, while still feeling fulfilled at work.

Working hard is super

Because working hard to achieve your goals and have more time in the future with your kids is super. So if you are also a freelance working mama, you are super. No matter how little successful you are, you are super. No matter how many times you will fail, you are super. As long as you don’t give up you are a superwoman.

Superwoman rules

  1. When your kids need it, just take off. After all, you choose the freelance job for this. To have more time for kids.
  2. Appreciate the time you have.
  3. Don’t give up

Do you feel like a superwoman too? Let me know and share your story!

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