Testing Your Business

Testing Your Business

Business with confidence

Starting a business with confidence is a big word! Is that even possible?

I have started at least 50 different business ideas and I have another 50 lined up. Not all of them will work. Maybe only one or two of them will actually bring value to the buyers and make a profit.

Therefore, I do not have a better idea to start a business with confidence other than actually testing your business.

Testing your business

Early on, I made a huge mistake, building a brand for every idea I had. It took me a lot of time and investment. With experience, I realized that before I launch or make branding for any business, I need to test the idea first.

Once I see a gap in the market and an opportunity to start a new business, I start testing. Because what might seem useful and valuable for me, might not be actually as good for others. I believe that it is essential to make small tests before even diving on a branding strategy.

Watch this video for a shortcut to testing your business:

Simple ways to test your business

✔️ Start a Facebook group and check if, with small effort, you can get 10 people to sign up.
✔️ Build a Facebook page for your business idea and send it to 10 people who are your potential audience. Ask them, would you buy it from me?
✔️ Print a leaflet or design a landing page and show it to 10 prospective clients

Advanced ways to test a complex business idea

✔️ Make a prototype of your offering and promote it with Facebook ads. See if anyone is willing to sign up for the waiting list.
✔️ Build a minimum viable product, meaning develop/produce the smallest amount of product that you can and see if it sells
✔️ Run a 5-day sprint where you end up with a prototype and a user group testing it on the spot

Who should be testing your business?

Be careful with testing with friends, they always love our ideas. Instead, try working with people who could be your real clients. You can place an ad with a small reward like Amazon vouchers to ask the potential clients to participate in the test.

Did you test your business idea already? Or are you ready to start branding?

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