Unlearn the urge to be somebody

Unlearn the urge to be somebody. I was a kick-boxing champion when I was a teenager and I had 0 talent for it. When I went for the first Polish championships I got my first silver medal. I was thrilled and I was training even harder. I was finally going to be somebody! The second time, I went, I got a bronze. For me, it was a huge failure. I was a nobody again. I told myself a story: my body was not made for this, I have no talent anyway. I let that one failure define me, even though I loved kickboxing.

The problem with being somebody:

Success = Somebody

Failure = Nobody

It means that I start to do things for the purpose of winning. When I fail, my self-esteem is dead and I have no motivation to keep moving. According to Dr. Carol S.Dweck:

“Somebodies are not determined by whether they won or lost. Somebodies are people who go for it with all they have.”

Is there something you always loved but never tried because you have ___(insert your own story: no talent, not the right body, no education)? Maybe you are not a fit, but maybe you are and you will never know until you put in enough effort.

Try to write the story again. Do that thing for 100 days, every day.

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