5 Tips for Working from Home with a Squeaky Baby

5 Tips for Working from Home with a Squeaky Baby


I think all mums wonder how the heck to make it work with this little evil disturbing you all the time. He keeps shouting for attention, your boob and dancing (with singing) in circles for him…

Yes, that is how I work while taking care of the newborn. Right now, I’m walking around the house, typing these post on my mobile while carrying my little one. So how it gets done?

5 basic tips for a squeaky baby

#1 wrap your baby

As mentioned above best invention for me was babywearing. My little evil loves to be carried and to watch the house 24/7. So I installed WordPress app on my phone and started to write posts while walking. Everybody happy!

#2 Work when baby naps

Yeah, remember these rule, everyone told you to sleep when your baby sleeps? Forget it. The best way to focus is when it is quiet. I use my baby naps to do the most challenging work.

#3 Be realistic

Remember that your baby is the most important and you don’t want to miss his first big poo, smile or a loud fart. I’m trying to be realistic about the time I have left for work. I’m aware that my little evil won’t let me work full time until he is in kindergarten. Like these, I don’t have high expectations and I won’t get easily disappointed. I can also justify better how many projects I’m able to take at the time so that my clients stay happy.

#4 Involve husband

My husband, the big evil, takes all the weekends to enjoy his squeaky time with the little evil. It gives me some freedom to work and relax. Like these, I stay sane and have some patience left for everyone. And if mama is happy then the whole family is happy!

#5 Remember to eat

Try not to skip these healthy meals. It seems like the easiest solution to stop cooking and eating healthy when you don’t have time and the baby starts squeaking for attention again. It is the last thing you would think about! But those healthy meals keep you going and give you priceless fuel that you will need to keep working and keep little evil happy. Try to spend 2 days a week for cooking and stock your fridge for the whole week instead of cooking every day.

Good luck!

Have any better ideas? Make sure to let me know!

I am freelance Graphic Designer passionate about education, design for children, handmade stuff and books. I am a mother and a wife. I am Polish but I lived in Cyprus for many years and now I moved to charming Prague in Czech Republic. I work with clients all over the world who share the same passion and values.


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