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I work from home while taking care of a little evil baby.



I can help you with full business start-up package: logo design with guidelines, business cards, stationery



After you have your branding ready I can help you develop your own WordPress website.

Books & Magazines

Books & Magazines

I also enjoy making handmade books and magazines from simple layout and typesetting to creating detailed infographics and diagrams.

Educational Materials

Educational Materials

I am designing educational materials like: books, lessons, diagrams, infographics, illustrations, applications and design workshops.

Why me? Because work makes me happy.


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What my clients say about me

  • "Joanna has helped me with two important business projects. First, she designed my web page and helped me self-publish two novels (as well as designed the covers). Next, she created a logo for a new theatre company. For both these jobs, Joanna was always prompt, attentive, creative, and affordable. What more could a client ask for?"Bob Sennett
  • "Working with Joanna was a pleasure. We began with a google document where we were both able to track each other's responses to specific parts of the project with ease. She always replied to all my comments in detail, with great suggestions and with a friendly and professional tone. She was approachable and always gave me a chance to say if there's something that isn't working for me, always opened to feedback, and with a clear vision. It was obvious that she always kept the needs of my project in mind, what sort of image would be appropriate for my business. Her ideas were brilliant - they were thoughtful, specific to the project, and very creative. It was clear she spent a lot of time on it and cared about it. Her responses were prompt, and if it would be more than 2 days before she could resend any changes on the design, she always emailed in advance explaining why, so I was never left hanging. I always knew what to expect. Her communication skills are something I appreciated greatly. She is a designer clearly with a keen eye and sharp confidence that allows her to be truly flexible and open to critique and changes. She is full of wonderful ideas, but she never imposes them, nor does she ever impose herself onto the project (as artists are sometimes prone to do) - she is always only focused on what I needed and what would best represent my business. She is proactive with moving the project forward and even went the extra mile for me. And in the end, the product says it all. She was able to combine two seemingly conflicting themes into a single, fresh, perfect logo that represented both. (The themes were work professionalism and productivity for an office with that of fun, vibrancy, and children for a childcare.) I cannot recommend her highly enough and would work with her again."
  • "This was my first time to write and create a book, which has been a beautiful journey. This whole project has been very dear to me, and it wouldn't have been possible to complete without a supportive team. I was so lucky to be recommended to work together with Joanna. From the beginning, I felt we connected both with her creative vision and with her professional attitude. She has always been there when I needed her help and going the extra mile on how I wanted the book to look like. I now live in Sweden but I will continue to work together with Joanna on my upcoming book projects and will more than happily recommend her to anyone who are starting their creative project!"Sophie Wikström
  • "No one is better than Joanna in her professional skills to organise any information in attractive way. Keen to details, innovative thinker with amazing taste for design. Joanna always know how to put complicated text in to attractive graphics. As a team member she is very friendly and professional. Combination of experience and skills making Joanna a great member to drive any project Design to the top. Fast learner with keen to details."Ivanna Gladysh-Mirkovska, Marketing Automation
  • "Joanna is a great multi-task executor, she successfully managed support for large region with different languages and requirements with perfect deadlines meeting. She's creative and very positive, ready learn new and share experience. I would recommend Joanna as a professional you always can rely on."Oksana Barsukova, Head Of Trade Marketing at CINEMOOD
  • "Joanna did a good research on my brand and industry and came up with a well-selling, modern and good looking logo solution. Website was done fast and suited well my needs."Oto Med Warsaw

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