Would you work with any brand?

Would you Work With Any Brand?

I just need a job

At the beginning of the year, I was working on improving my project flow and stability. I was looking to work with brands on a more regular basis to grow my illustration style with a new voice and stick to it for longer. Building connections was frustrating at first. I was trying to fit in until I realized that talking with brands that fit me, the way I am is much better for me and my clients. While is possible to detach from style, opinions, and ego, it is not possible for me to change my values and beliefs. I got worried, am I being picky?

Can I decide?

I did all the jobs, I had to, from being a waitress for years to working in the financial industry. Since I have my own business, I had the privilege, to work with people that share similar values. I enjoy working with brands that help people build confidence and make their life more fulfilling. I am passionate about education, mental healthcare, and family-balance. Designing for parents and children is a 100% match for me. Working with those brands, also helped me to deliver much better results and quality work. It is a win-win for both, me and the brand.

Brands and society


Recently, I stumbled across a TED talk from Debbie Millman “How symbols and brands shape our humanity”. I got curious, to research more about brands that are ethical and align with my beliefs. It made me think about the world, that I would like to contribute to for my children, and grandchildren. I asked myself, would I work for all brands, if the money or fame, would be there? I was never in a situation where I could not feed my kids or that their life would depend on my work. I would probably do ANY job if that would be the case.

Yes, I can decide

Debbie Millman made me realize that I still have the luxury to decide, where I want to be with my work. Every one of us has different values and things we care about. There is no better or worst, in what we decide to stand for. What if all of us made one small decision, that made the world a better place just by 1%?

While I’m not ready to give up Amazon shopping I try to be more aware of the products I buy and how often. I try to work with brands that contribute to a more fulfilling life. When Parenting Mental Health sent their inquiry I was so excited that I went the extra mile to make it happen. They support parents of children with mental health issues. The project was fulfilling and fruitful for both of us. 2020 was a year, where I realized that, yes, I can decide and it is possible.

What is unethical?

Did you know that Coca Cola is one of the most unethical brands (according to https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/)? Despite the fact that it contributes to obesity, the company also violates basic human rights and takes advantage of natural resources of water from undeveloped countries.

My research went on, and as I was getting more frustrated, I also became more aware. I was surprised (or was I?) to see some brands that I’m using myself like Amazon to be on the list as well.

Today everything is bad

In our busy world, it would be hard to make always conscious choices. We can make it simple by picking the fights that matter to us the most.

Taking action could be in different forms, like not buying certain products, or at least limiting the use. While I am not ready to stop using Amazon, we do some conscious decisions in our households like eating less meat and processed food.

Despite possible fame and fortune, I would not want to work with Coca Cola, McDonald’s, or a tobacco company. I would also not want to contribute to any products for children, that I would not buy for my own kids.

What are the brands that you would never work for unless your family life would depend on it?

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